RA Outline


  1. Prosthetics What are they? What are there uses? Who needs them?
  2. Interdisciplinary Approach What is it? What is its benefits?
  3. Interest in the topic Why is this important? Who benefits? Audience?

Body Part 1


  1. Different types: Overview of Upper, Lower, Sports, Functional
  2. Importance of different types: What they are used for: injuries, age, work

Body Part 2

  1. In-depth about certain prosthetic in the market: which the best? Why they are the best? Literature and facts backing them? Studies?
  2. Matching prosthetic to need: Certain Sports? Physical Active? At home?

Body Part 3

  1. Complications: Sporting rules? Fitting properly? Sensitive skin? Improper healing? Etc?
  2. Patient needs: Finances? Goals? Time?


  1. Finalize Statements
  2. Review Paper
  3. Address population

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