Applied Project & Research Article Prospectuses

Applied Project

For my Applied Project, I would like to work with the Campus Accessibility Services (CAS) at Plymouth State University to come up with innovative ideas from those with disabilities to have equal access to all the university programs and facilities. I will illustrate my involvement and all the information I come away with a reflective paper. This will not only benefit me with knowledge, but there is an applied learning aspect to the project as well. I will enter a transdisciplinary way of working and this is the approach that creates many ideas on the working world. This project will take actions from scholars, to workers, all the way to students; making us all work together to create something that s beneficial for everyone. This hugely relates to my field as we strive to make the daily lives of those who are disabled more productive and independent. At the end of this project, I want to not only have learned new information but to create something that will stay and will help many other students in the future.

I will need to work with my professor at first to figure out the best approach or who to talk at the CAS to see what ideas we can brainstorm. Once an idea is created then we can start on how we would see the idea come to life. Whether it is fundraising or gathering supplies to get the idea in motion. Throughout this entire process, I will be taking notes and reflecting as I work with people from different disciplines and even workers at Plymouth State University. At the end of the entire process, I will write a reflective paper and more importantly have a great project to place on my resume for furthering my education.

Research Article

I will conduct my research article on the topic of prosthetics. Specifically, on athletes that have lost a limb that want to continue pursuing a life of activity. I want to go in-depth figuring out what prosthetics are best and if they vary for a different activity or sport. I want to find out the best prosthetic in the field in order to help my reader understand what the best prosthetic in the market. The population that I want to speak to is other Occupational Therapist that currently have patients. I want to create a meta-analysis of the most current literature and persuade my readers on to the most beneficial prosthetics. This, in turn, will help OT’s quickly be able to provide the best rehabilitation for their patients. Here are some outline steps as I prepare to begin my research article.

-Fine tune and specify my question (population, injury, etc.) -Conduct an overall literature review -Create a topic question -Create an outline for the paper -Begin writing paper

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